Imaging unlocks understanding


Imagery unlocks understanding

I did not realize how much different things look from the air than what we see on the ground.

I have spent most of the last 17 years in Madras, and I thought I knew my way around town and our area. It was a shock to see how easily I got lost when first flying drones in Madras. I almost immediately got lost–I just couldn’t reconcile what the cameras showed with a specific location in town.

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The Start

  • Perfection isn’t perfect
  • Plan appropriately
  • Document and track progress
  • Expect quicker finish with better result


I will admit it. I like to be perfect. In itself, not a huge flaw, perhaps, but when it is combined with an inability to do twenty things at once– for even five things at the same time the desire for perfection or nothing short-changes my family, my customers and me.

So I am going to try a different approach. First off, I am going to permit myself to be imperfect. Perhaps more importantly, I am accepting that about myself and try to complete things in small chunks.

I am an excellent big picture person. I am also an excellent manipulator of massive detail-but I fall short when trying to balance those extremes in everyday life.

The point to all of this is useful to begin managing me the way I would project, a team, or deliverable. I will document tasks and processes here to serve as an example of how to go about doing them and assist my self-management efforts. The expected result is to the time frames and status of in-process deliverables to produce better results tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year.

I think it feels more comfortable to manage an external team, deliverable, or organization even, but as I have said before, and I firmly believe–I can do anything.  Now, I just need to prove that “anything” includes managing me.



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