Use TerrAvion imagery?  Don't lose it!

TerrAvion recently announced they are going bankrupt and that people should retrieve imagery from the TerrAvion servers immediately since TerrAvion doesn’t know how long the servers will be available.

I built software to analyze field imagery that communicates directly with the TerrAvion servers making it possible to download all the imagery you or your customers want to retain.

Getting started... This process can be started by simply sharing the farms or fields with me that you want to receive imagery from. Go to the  TerrAvion website and share the farms with my email, My servers will begin processing the images and I will send you a list of data available based on what you have shared.  We create two local copies of the data and then ship the first copy to you on an external hard drive.  We keep the second copy in a secured location until you confirm that you received the images.  Optionally, we can also host the imagery online for you.

Time is limited.  If you don't have a complete copy of your images, contact me as quickly as possible!

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We have not made the time to do much with our site, but changes are coming. Our farming web applications are also coming online soon

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