Configure Win10 to automatically lock when in-active

Setup auto-lock of computer

1. With computer on, press the window key

2. enter the following in the search box: local security policy

3. Press ENTER to open the “Local Security Policy” app


Double mouse click on “Interactive Logon: Machine Inactivity Limit “

The value is in seconds, so if you enter 600 seconds, you are telling the computer to automatically lock itself after 10 minutes of inactivity which basically means 10 minutes with no mouse or keyboard activity.

Rising Prices

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Rising component and material prices make now a good time to purchase computers and electronics.

Manufacturers are struggling to obtain the resources needed to make everything from outboard motors to motherboards and superconductors.  This will probably see demand outpace supply dramatically and if building materials are any indication, prices of computers, laptops. monitors and networking components (amongst others) will likely sky rocket.

The take-away:  if you were thinking about buying computers or electronics, doing it quickly will probably save you hundreds of dollars and avoid long delivery dates.

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